Add grandeur to your home with Persian rugs

April 06, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Construction

Persian rugs are as rich as the Persian language and culture and are a great item for home decoration. It not only serves the purpose of carpeting but also adds a flavor of richness to your home and d├ęcor. Original hand woven Persian rugs are made with a single looping knot, but hand-woven Persian rugs are hard to get now as the market is flooded with mechanically woven Persian rugs.

Although mechanically woven Persian rugs are widely popular in the global market, it lacks the intricate designs of the traditional Persian rugs. These rugs hold mystery in its varying designs and patterns. You must acquire necessary information before buying one. Persian rugs have a round pattern in the centre known as medallion and has petal like formations all around it with rich designs. Formulate your budget and tread carefully in choosing from the many varieties of Persian rugs offered by different merchants.

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