Tips to give your kid’s room a jungle inspired décor

April 10, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Decor

A child’s room needs to be interesting and fun. While thinking of doing up your kid’s room in a unique manner, one theme, which you can go for, is jungle theme. Children are always fascinated with forests and jungles as they hold a large amount of intrigue and adventure for them. Give your child a wild surprise by decorating the room by giving it a jungle look.

For the walls, go for shades of dark green or purple. If you’re planning to make new furniture, dark wood would look the best in this kind of a room. Have a large rug with patterns or a dark color like brown or grey to make the room look cozier. For the drapes or curtains, you can always go for simple plain shades or you can choose curtains with leaf or animal prints. Hang up a poster of Mowgli or Tarzan in the room for the ultimate jungle look. As for the lighting have bright ceiling lights but also make sure that you have a blue or soft-lit night lamp as well.