Pros and Cons of Pyramid Roofs

July 14, 2015  //  Posted by: Joguide  //  Category: Roofs & Floors

Pyramid roofsPyramid roofs are a type of hip roofs. Many of the roof styles are also there having their other kinds of features, pros and cons but it totally depends on you which one to go for. Pyramid roofs are one which has very distinctive kind of features.

What is pyramid roof?

As discussed earlier, it is a kind of hip roof. It has no vertical sides or gables. Instead of vertical sides or gable all the sides of roof slopes down towards the wall. Pyramid roof is called hip roof where all the sides of the roof are equal of the resulting roof which will form a pyramid shape. Pyramid roof does not contain any ridge on the top of the roof. This thing is usually seen in the other kinds of roof, but it is not seen in the pyramid roof. Pyramid roofs are usually prevalent in the small buildings. It is not seen in the large buildings. It is mostly preferred in the small bungalows, cabins and small residences. Pyramid roofs are also seen in the auxiliary buildings like pool houses, garages and other type of same structures.

Pros of pyramid roofs

  • Improves resistance to damaging winds

If your area has a issue of excessive wind and wind related damages then pyramid roofs are the best possible outcome for you. The shape of pyramid roof is aerodynamic. The roof possessing this shape is very less prone to the wind damage. It can handle the pressure of wind and stay away from damage. It increases the safety in the areas where you need to face hurricanes, tornadoes and other wind related natural disasters.

  • Eaves on all sides

Pyramid roofs are very efficient to keep the home cooler in the situation of extreme heat. The reason behind this cooling is the overhanging of the roof from all sides and the added shed from the eaves. It is very essential and also energy saver. It can lower your electricity bills as the amount of power consumed by your air conditioner to cool down your home reduces. Thus its cost saving as well as energy saving.

  • Looks beautiful

Because of even sides and overhanging eaves, pyramid roofing gives your roof an extra added appeal and a classy look. It has striking and distinctive features.

Cons of pyramid roofing

  • Cost

The costing of installing and replacing the pyramid roofing sets high as it has increased surface area as compared to other types of roofing. Pyramid roofing needs more labor and extra materials as compared to other roofing and thus it is expensive.

  • Reduced space

In case of pyramid roofing you get less loft or attic space. Due to its shape it doesn’t give as much attic space as other roofing gives in general case.

  • Ventilation and drainage

Pyramid roof does not shed or slopes away water as efficiently as gable and other types of roofs. Thus it is more likely to cause leaks and damage the roof. Due to the design, shape and construction of pyramid roof, there is a general trouble of ventilation also when compared to other roofs.

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