Benefits of Merbau decking

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Merbau deckingIf you want to give your home outdoors an exquisite look, different from the rest of the neighborhood, the best possible way of doing so is by decking. Not only it creates an outdoor space which is quite usable but also it adds to the grandeur of your home exteriors. Thinking of decking as a possible add-on to your backyard? If so the first thing to consider is the type of wood you pick. There are different wood alternatives for an outdoor deck, of which Merbau is one pick that has an array of advantages.

1. Durable: Of late with more people going for outdoor decking, Merbau has become a preferred choice since it is very durable. The timber typically comes from South East Asian Tropics, and is quite oily naturally.

2. Color Alternatives: The natural timber varies a lot in shades, thus giving you a range of choices. From a light brown with a yellowish tinge the wood can get as dark as orange brown. On attaining maturity the wood goes dark brown in color but for decades together it retains luster. Courtesy is wonderful colors the wood is also popularly used for flooring and staircases besides decking.

3. Cost effective: Looking for a timber alternative that not only looks rich, but also will be easy on your pocket. If so, the single best option is Merbau. The timber has a super appealing look but is pretty cost effective in terms of initial purchase and maintenance. It can last perfectly for as long as 50 years without any extra maintenance.

4. Climate Endurance: Merbau decks can endure both humid and dry climate courtesy its oil content, thus making it a versatile choice.

So if you looking for a high end fancy deck for your backyard at pocket friendly expenses, the best possible option for you is Merbau.

Benefits of portable dryers

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portable dryersThere is a complete chance of bacteria to grow and spread if you wear heavily shielding winter garments for prolonged periods of time. This will also cause sweat and dirt to make an unpleasant combination. This is when portable dryers come to your rescue. They are very light weighted and easy to carry. This is very helpful for the people who are more into winter sports such as skiing. It has proven that portable dryers are very helpful and reliable to keep the garments clean. Following are a few harmful bacteria that are found in athletic gears:

1. Staphylococcus Aureus: These grow in the helmets and can cause boils and pimples
2. Streptococcus Faecalis: These are found in hockey jocks.
3. Yeast: They are found on the surface of the skin.

Thus in order to avoid these harmful bacteria, dryers is very essential. Cleaning up the gears require huge machines for the cleaning up process as it requires to be dried up completely. Portable dryers can be taken on vacations. This will also help to avoid the infection that you are subjected to.

Besides this such dryers are also helpful for the people living in snowy regions with extremes of winter. Snow boots, gloves and coats are garments that are heavily lined which causes excessive sweating. If not cleaned properly they can give rise to harmful bacteria. Most of the dryers make the use of warm air because too hot air can damage the material of the gear. Thus a portable dryer is a must buy for the people who play winter sports. Conducting an online research about the kinds of dryers that are available in the market is a good option for both commercial and residential purposes. Thus wearing infection free garments would increase your level of confidence and you will be able to perform better in your sport

Get rid of pests in your kitchen

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pests in your kitchenPest infestation is the worst thing that can happen in anyone’s house. They become a nuisance and make life miserable for everyone living in it. One thing to always remember is that if your house is spic and span clean then automatically the chances of pest infestation becomes less. Pests are usually attracted to dirty exposed environments thus to keep them away keep clean, the first and basic technique.

Apart from that here is a small list of regular pests and getting rid of them:


Keep dirty cans and bottles away from the house. After a meal make sure you wash the utensils instead of keeping them in the sink to clean later on. This attracts the ants. Dishes should be kept covered and even after taking all these precautions ants are still there squeeze lemon juice in water and spray this mixture where you see ants. It’s one of the natural most effective methods of ant removal. Cinnamon, white vinegar, pepper, grits and strong perfumes are other ways of discarding ants.

Pantry moths:

These pests are attracted to flour, cereal, pet food and dried fruits. They come out at night and are a complete nuisance. The only way to get rid of them is to empty out the entire pantry and redo it. Scrub and clean every shelf thoroughly. Infested food should be thrown out and every box and container should be washed.

Fruit flies:

As the name suggests they infest on anything which is open and rotting hence the need to discard the rotting fruits from the kitchens. Slow drains should be cleared to make it faster and relieve from clogging which are also a major attraction for fruit flies. Vinegar is a repellent; use it in areas where situations go beyond control. Old mops and dusters should be discarded

Fence Contractors and Companies: How to Select One Appropriately?

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Fence ContractorsInstalling iron or wood fences on and around your property can be done quite conveniently if you take the assistance of a good fencing contractor. A number of fencing companies have come into existence and selecting one from them can be a very daunting task. You might also be tempted to pick any company that creates a good first impression on you. However, you should make it a point to carry out a more methodical research so that you can get hold of the best fencing contractor.

Look for fencing companies that have qualified and experienced staff so that you can be assured that the fence installation will be done appropriately. Work with someone or some company that specializes in fence installation only. A veteran fencing contractor will have the ability to install the fences in accordance with the local codes and your requirements.

Conduct meetings with different contractors so that you can get an idea of how they deal with their customers and how punctual they are. Get estimates from all the contractors you meet, compare them and select the one which offers an affordable estimate to you.

Check the references of the companies that you are interested in. Once you can contact the customers that have already utilized their services, you can very well figure out which company or contractor is suitable for your fence installation work.

Also make sure that the company or contractor you select has a license and insurance as well because an unlicensed company or contractor can turn out to be extremely unreliable.

Before you sign the contract with the contractor, ensure that you read through the whole contract so that you can avoid troubles and hidden costs later on.

Hope the above mentioned tips can help you find the perfect fencing company or contractor for your property.

How Useful Are Waterproof Paints for Basements and Bathrooms?

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Waterproof Paints for BasementsWaterproof paints are ideal for bathrooms and basements because these are the two places in your home that are vulnerable to problems related to moisture. These paints can be used before the basement or bathroom is prepared for refinishing and can protect the walls of these two rooms from any water seepage or leakage. The kind of waterproof paint you utilize will be dependent upon the present conditions of the walls of your bathroom and basement. Remember that before you apply these paints, certain preparation processes have to be followed so that the entire paint finishing is smooth and looks beautiful.

Generally the waterproof paints are oil based or latex based. The oil based ones will hide the imperfections of the walls conveniently. On the other hand the latex based waterproof paints cannot hide the faults in the walls of the basement or bathroom that easily. However the latex based ones are inexpensive.
Flat waterproof paint finishes cannot be wiped expediently. But these can help disguise rough walls. Semi gloss paint finishes can be washed and these conceal wall imperfections effectively. The paint finish that can be maintained appropriately is the shiny or gloss paint finish.

The walls of your bathroom and basement can be sealed and protected efficiently if waterproof paints are utilized. Any moisture problem related to your basement or bathroom can be stalled with the help of waterproof paints. Waterproof paints are quite inexpensive and you can get hold of them without any difficulty. Since the basement and the bathroom are protected against moisture, the spread of mildew and mold is also prevented. Therefore that means that your basement and bathroom will remain healthy and hygienic always. But ensure that you take proper care of walls that are painted with waterproof paints so that the quality of these walls does not deteriorate.

Electrical safety tips for your kids

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Electrical safety tipsElectricity is something that is always very dangerous when played with and though adults understand this concept but the children don’t. That is why it is important for the adults to teach their kids some safety measures so that they do not get any kind of electric shocks. Some of the best tips of electrical safety are as follows:

• Avoidance of electrical wires and outlets- this is the first thing that you should teach your kids. They should not touch any kind of electrical wires and outlets that are there at home. It also happens that these wires keep hanging from poles on the roads and kids have a tendency to touch them but ideally they should not. In order to make them unaware of such things you can keep electrical wires or chords away from their sight.

• Lesson on danger signs- your kids should be taught the various dangers signs that are there to highlight that there is high voltage electricity passing through and things like that. You often see the picture of a skull with two bones crossed under which it is written “Danger 440 Volts”. So you should inform your kids about the danger and not to go near them.

• Do not climb near fences or transmission towers- when young kids just love to climb trees near their houses but they are totally unaware that there may be a danger that lies ahead. It often happens that the trees lean on some transmission tower that carries high voltage electricity with it. So you should tell your kids that if they are climbing trees then make sure that there are no such towers beside them or it would be better if they do not climb trees at all because there are chances of falling down and breaking hands or legs too.

Getting rid of mosquitoes

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mosquitoes, home careMosquitoes are always a nuisance and they are also known to spread diseases like malaria and chikungunia among others. Some mosquitoes just suck on blood and leave while others leave behind eggs in your blood stream for them to grow in your liver or some other organ. So instead of just swapping them away, and ignoring them, use your pest control skills and knowledge to get rid of them before you fall sick.

Mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water. So if you have open drains of stored open water around your home, make arrangements to cover them up. Swamps and damp areas, which are in shady cool places, are also good places for mosquitoes to breed. You can also sleep insider a mosquito net or put up nets on windows to keep them away in the evenings when they tend to enter home. Use eco friendly mosquito sprays and coils if needed. Liquid mosquito repellant vaporizers and creams are also available. Go for professional help if all this doesn’t help.

Multiple advantages of automatic garage doors

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automatic garage doors, garageGarage doors are really very important for your home. They also contribute a lot to the beauty of your home. While constructing garage doors you must keep in mind the décor of your home. Normally the garage doors are much bigger and heavier. There are namely two varieties of the garage doors depending on the mode of their operation- manual and automatic.

The latter is used extensively these days owing to the innumerous benefits offered by it. Since the garage doors are heavier and bigger, it requires much more effort to open and close the door. Also the time required is more thus the person has to wait outside for long. With automatic operation this problem is averted since the induction motors fitted open and close the doors very easily and at a much lesser time.

Also if you are doing some urgent work, then the person will not have to wait until you complete all your work. You can simply close and open the door by the operation of a remote control.

How to maintain your marble flooring

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marble flooringMarble floors undoubtedly give a classy, sophisticated, spacious and royal touch to your house. Depending upon your choice, you can have polished marbles or rougher ones as well. But with this beauty comes the maintenance of marble floors which can be a little tedious. This can be made easy if you keep certain things in your mind for prolonging the beauty of your floor.

First thing is that never let mess settle down on your floor, if there is any spill then clean it as soon as possible. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that marble is very sensitive and will crack if anything heavy falls on it. Therefore be careful to avoid such accidents. Marble flooring is also very prone to scratches, so ensure to get the legs of your furniture padded and use plenty of placemats. Additionally keep hot items away from the marble flooring. And while cleaning use marble specific products only. With these simple steps your marble flooring will remain as good as new!

How to maintain stone flooring in old homes

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stone flooringStone flooring has always been a choice in flooring across many cultures and societies. The construction material used is very abundant and durable. This makes it the best option with the least possible maintenance to go along with. There is still some maintenance associated to stone flooring. Things overlooked can actually turn out to be tiresome later on. Stains made are needed to be cleaned off fast. So is there the need to maintain chips and cracks on the stone flooring, there is also the need for maintaining the usage of proper cleaning tools that care to the need of an old and antique stone floor.

Makes sure not to keep the floor wet most of the time as water stains can be really difficult to overcome. Also make sure to put down some standing rules over the use of outdoor footwear on the flooring. Dust particles carrying quartz can actually erode away the stone flooring smooth and shine.