Mirrors Can Also Add Style To Your Rooms

May 31, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Decor

Decorate home with mirrors, home decorGenerally every individual takes mirrors as just another functional decor in the room, providing a reflection so that you can get sure of the fittings of the attire and also help in dressing. But these are age old myths, now days there are strategies implemented that makes the mirrors more useful and make them something more than just a decor.

The easiest stuff that a mirror actually does is that it creates space illusions, the mirrors or the glass display surfaces reflect light at such angles that they create spacious illusions in cramped and small rooms with a bigger and brighter ambience feel. The size of the reflective mirror surface along with the shape and the style can create wonders if kept at specified spots like if a mirror kept above a sofa set it creates a spacious feel to the living room. The decorations on the mirror surface with colours and materials compliments the other decors bin the room thus enhancing the outlook. With different framed mirror shapes and designs in kitchen, kept at different angles can create a warm and comfortable ambience in the kitchen during the day time.

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