Maintenance of bathroom cabinets

August 01, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Bathroom

Tips to maintain bathroom cabinets, bathroom furnitureCabinets in the bathroom need extra care. They need to be made of the right material, have good lamination and need to be protected from water and moisture. Since bathrooms have a tendency to retain moisture, to protect cabinets and other furniture and to keep the bathroom fresh and dry, installing exhaust fans is a must. Make sure that the bathroom is well ventilated or the furniture could get covered in mold and mildew.

Use of aerosol sprays should be restricted in bathrooms. Also while cleaning the cabinet, you should use a lint-free cloth and stay away from ammonia based cleaners. Wooden cabinets tend to rot faster so make sure that they are laminated well beforehand. Always dry your hands before touching the cabinet especially if you’ve been working with detergents. While cleaning mirrors on cabinets use the cleaning solution directly on the cloth to clean to avoid water running into joints.

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