Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious

May 15, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Bathroom

Bathroom decoration tips, bathroomSmaller the bathroom space, easier it is to decorate it. The only task which one has to get it absolutely right is to make it appear spacious. Bulky shelving units and cabinets need to be completely avoided to create an illusion of the bathroom space being large. If you are thinking to install a large cabinet sink, a better option would be to go for a standing pedestal sink which would save you good floor space.

Building a small storing space or closet in the bathroom where you can keep all your bathroom stuffs is a great way to save space. Too much cramping up of things in the bathroom will make it look messy and lacking in space. Doing the interiors in a way which creates the illusion of the bathroom being spacious is another nice technique; color combinations do play a vital role while applying this technique for the bathroom.

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