How Useful Are Waterproof Paints for Basements and Bathrooms?

October 09, 2013  //  Posted by: thebesthomeimprovementguide  //  Category: Home Decor

Waterproof Paints for BasementsWaterproof paints are ideal for bathrooms and basements because these are the two places in your home that are vulnerable to problems related to moisture. These paints can be used before the basement or bathroom is prepared for refinishing and can protect the walls of these two rooms from any water seepage or leakage. The kind of waterproof paint you utilize will be dependent upon the present conditions of the walls of your bathroom and basement. Remember that before you apply these paints, certain preparation processes have to be followed so that the entire paint finishing is smooth and looks beautiful.

Generally the waterproof paints are oil based or latex based. The oil based ones will hide the imperfections of the walls conveniently. On the other hand the latex based waterproof paints cannot hide the faults in the walls of the basement or bathroom that easily. However the latex based ones are inexpensive.
Flat waterproof paint finishes cannot be wiped expediently. But these can help disguise rough walls. Semi gloss paint finishes can be washed and these conceal wall imperfections effectively. The paint finish that can be maintained appropriately is the shiny or gloss paint finish.

The walls of your bathroom and basement can be sealed and protected efficiently if waterproof paints are utilized. Any moisture problem related to your basement or bathroom can be stalled with the help of waterproof paints. Waterproof paints are quite inexpensive and you can get hold of them without any difficulty. Since the basement and the bathroom are protected against moisture, the spread of mildew and mold is also prevented. Therefore that means that your basement and bathroom will remain healthy and hygienic always. But ensure that you take proper care of walls that are painted with waterproof paints so that the quality of these walls does not deteriorate.

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