How to give a rustic look with the right wall décor

January 28, 2013  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Decor

Home decor ideas, home decorBored of same wall texture or dull paint? Go for a rustic wall and give your room a cherished make over that will simply enhance your personality. When monotonous wallpaper or a normal paint has become almost a cliché, a rustic wall is in vogue these days and will definitely distinguish your choice from others. Creating a rustic or an old-earth look is easy and simple by adding glaze using artificial painting procedure. This technique adds age to the walls giving it a different texture altogether.

Remove all the wall equipments and fix the disputes if any, using putty. Clean any dirt or oil on the wall, apply a base coat of primer and let it dry completely and then put the first coat of your selected color using brush. Then create rustic texture using sea-sponges soaked in different colors. Give a good time to dry. Don’t forget to protect your walls with polyurethane.

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