How to clean your air conditioner

January 12, 2013  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Cleaning

Tips to clean air conditioner, air conditionerCleaning air conditioner at least once in 3 every month is extremely essential and it can be done by yourself if you apply the right tactics. Moreover you will also save spending huge bucks and your precious time in getting your air conditioner serviced. You only require a screw driver, wash bag, chemical detergent and also a compress spray air. You need to lay more stress on fan coil unit since it covers 90% components of air conditioner as it is the indicator through which cold air reaches you. The other unit mostly contains electric motor and all the electrical components.

Make sure you have selected a strong and reliable chemical detergent for cleaning air conditioner and also if you want you can directly wash the fan coil unit on the wall. Though screw driver is not always required and compress spray air is used for maintaining compressibility in the air conditioner.

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