Getting rid of mosquitoes

June 22, 2013  //  Posted by: thebesthomeimprovementguide  //  Category: Uncategorized

mosquitoes, home careMosquitoes are always a nuisance and they are also known to spread diseases like malaria and chikungunia among others. Some mosquitoes just suck on blood and leave while others leave behind eggs in your blood stream for them to grow in your liver or some other organ. So instead of just swapping them away, and ignoring them, use your pest control skills and knowledge to get rid of them before you fall sick.

Mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water. So if you have open drains of stored open water around your home, make arrangements to cover them up. Swamps and damp areas, which are in shady cool places, are also good places for mosquitoes to breed. You can also sleep insider a mosquito net or put up nets on windows to keep them away in the evenings when they tend to enter home. Use eco friendly mosquito sprays and coils if needed. Liquid mosquito repellant vaporizers and creams are also available. Go for professional help if all this doesn’t help.

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