Décor ideas for you guest bedroom

October 23, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Bedroom

 guest bedroom, bedroom decorWhile decorating you home you may not think about the guest bedroom much because you do not spend much time there. However, your guest bedroom should be decorated thoughtfully because it is the room where your guests will spend considerable time when they come to visit here.

While doing up the guest bedroom you must select a theme first. You can opt for something simple and charming or something that is extravagant. As for the color of the walls, choose a color that complements the theme. However, the color should not overpower the theme. Use the wall space to hang mirrors or artworks. If the guest bedroom is not the big you must place the furniture carefully. Careful placement of the furniture will create the feel of space in a small guest bedroom. Proper lighting is also very important is a guest bedroom and you must see that you make ample light arrangements.

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