Introduction to TPO Roofing

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TPO roofingIf you are of the opinion to install an single ply roofing, you should not forget to consider TPO roofing which stands for thermoplastic olefin. It is better rated in comparison of its direct competitors which are PVC and EPDM. TPO consist the UV resistant and heat resistant quality of EPDM and heat weldable quality of PVC. Thus it outstands both of them. It is not so perfect material, it also has drawback because it is still on developing stage and it is new material for roofing in market still in the process of research.

What is TPO?

TPO was first launched in the market in 1990s to replace PVC roofing. TPO roofing is single ply roofing which consist of thermoplastic olefin which is made up of three layers:

  • TPO polymer base
  • Polyester reinforced fabric center
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply

Benefits of TPO Roofing

  • Economical

The reason why people get attracted towards TPO roofing is its cost effectiveness. This is why it is preferred both in commercial and residential areas. As compared to PVC roofing, TPO roofing offers same advantages of energy efficiency and weldable seams but at lower cost.

  • Suitable to different styles of home

One of the great advantages which is appreciated by homeowners is that it is suitable to many of the styles of houses. TPO is available in many different reflective colors such as black, light grey and white. There is no more that where you need to opt only white for energy saving and reflective properties. Now it is also available in TPO roofing. Recent technologies has enable all the colors of TPO roofing to be UV resistant and cool.

  • Durable

Along with UV resistance, TPO is also mold resistant, no dirt accumulation, tears impact and puncture resistant. TPO roofing is considered very flexible and it can permit for any home’s and building’s settling and movement. When compared to any other single ply roofing product, Reinforced TPO membrane can very well handle expansion and contraction.

  • Easy installation

TPO membranes are prepared with wider sheets and are light weighted. Thus these roofs are very easy to install and there are also less number of seams. As there is less time, less man power, ease in installation all in all it leads to cost saving.

  • Energy efficient

TPO roofing is highly energy efficient. The membrane of TPO roofing are very much attractive to those homeowners who want cooling along with saving cost on them. It is also very helpful to environment by reducing carbon footprint. TPO membrane has white surface which is reflective and thus it keeps your roof cooler.

Drawbacks of TPO Roofing

  • Logetivity

A big drawback of TPO roofing is that it is new material in the market. It is on a developing stage. Research is still going on to find the best chemical formula which makes the product most durable and lost lasting along with affordable price. It has been in the market since few years only. Thus this is on a test basis and its longetivity is on a question base.


Getting rid of mosquitoes

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mosquitoes, home careMosquitoes are always a nuisance and they are also known to spread diseases like malaria and chikungunia among others. Some mosquitoes just suck on blood and leave while others leave behind eggs in your blood stream for them to grow in your liver or some other organ. So instead of just swapping them away, and ignoring them, use your pest control skills and knowledge to get rid of them before you fall sick.

Mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water. So if you have open drains of stored open water around your home, make arrangements to cover them up. Swamps and damp areas, which are in shady cool places, are also good places for mosquitoes to breed. You can also sleep insider a mosquito net or put up nets on windows to keep them away in the evenings when they tend to enter home. Use eco friendly mosquito sprays and coils if needed. Liquid mosquito repellant vaporizers and creams are also available. Go for professional help if all this doesn’t help.

How to maintain your marble flooring

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marble flooringMarble floors undoubtedly give a classy, sophisticated, spacious and royal touch to your house. Depending upon your choice, you can have polished marbles or rougher ones as well. But with this beauty comes the maintenance of marble floors which can be a little tedious. This can be made easy if you keep certain things in your mind for prolonging the beauty of your floor.

First thing is that never let mess settle down on your floor, if there is any spill then clean it as soon as possible. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that marble is very sensitive and will crack if anything heavy falls on it. Therefore be careful to avoid such accidents. Marble flooring is also very prone to scratches, so ensure to get the legs of your furniture padded and use plenty of placemats. Additionally keep hot items away from the marble flooring. And while cleaning use marble specific products only. With these simple steps your marble flooring will remain as good as new!

How to maintain stone flooring in old homes

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stone flooringStone flooring has always been a choice in flooring across many cultures and societies. The construction material used is very abundant and durable. This makes it the best option with the least possible maintenance to go along with. There is still some maintenance associated to stone flooring. Things overlooked can actually turn out to be tiresome later on. Stains made are needed to be cleaned off fast. So is there the need to maintain chips and cracks on the stone flooring, there is also the need for maintaining the usage of proper cleaning tools that care to the need of an old and antique stone floor.

Makes sure not to keep the floor wet most of the time as water stains can be really difficult to overcome. Also make sure to put down some standing rules over the use of outdoor footwear on the flooring. Dust particles carrying quartz can actually erode away the stone flooring smooth and shine.

5 tips to polish hardwood flooring

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hardwood flooring, flooringThere are a few things that you would have to take care of when it comes to polishing hardwood flooring. The first thing that you will need to do is dusting and mopping. The surface dust has to be removed with a vacuum cleaner or just a broom before you can get the area mopped. Secondly, choosing the right hardwood floor cleaners is very important.

You should go for the natural cleaners and use it with water for getting the hardwood flooring cleaned up. You should look for the worn patches and you should make sure that water is not used in that area as it may reach deep in the wood. Waxing and polishing will be a good idea as well. Another good idea that you can use is vinegar and oil. They are very effective when it comes to cleaning hardwood flooring. Stains can be removed very effectively by steel wool.

Advantages of central heating

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Central heating, home heatingHeating is essential in every house. In places where winters can get really cold an efficient heating system is of outmost importance. There are many forms of heating systems and people decide which system they want to install in their house depending on their budget and requirements. Sometimes there are many who go for the usual choice without as much thinking of other options.

However when it comes to heating systems, central heating is the best. As the name suggests, a central heating system will heat up your whole house and maintain the same temperature throughout the house. This means that you do not need to fear to venture into a room which is not being heated by your system. The entire house will stay warm and at the exact temperature of your choice. Today there central heating systems are available at affordable prices and everyone can afford to have this sophisticated system at home!

Which floor tile material is the most durable?

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Tips to select floor tiles, durable floor tilesOne of the best materials that come to mind when durability is the question is quartz. These tiles can be available in a lot of different textures, shapes, sizes and colors. They are durable as well as stylish and these two qualities make them very popular when it comes to floor tiling. Another great thing about them is that they can be easily managed and cleaned. They requite a very low amount of maintenance and they are free from fuss in that way.

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the color combinations and so the aesthetic part is taken care of by these materials as well. One of the most popular options of this material is the white quartz. They can be perfect for your bedrooms, guest rooms or even the bathrooms. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable yet stylish material for your flooring, quartz can be a very good option to consider.

Trendy Tiling Options For The Home Floor

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Tiles for home floor, floorsDo you want to use some awesome floor tiles in your home floor? Well then read this article very carefully and get the best ideas before installing the best floor tiles in your house. If you are renovating your house then you should check out a number of tiles options for your floor and then you should go for the one you like most and that suits your budget.

Ceramic tiles are the best ever options as floor tiles across the globe and these tiles are made of fire clay and different colors are also used on these tiles to enhance their stylizing. If you are trying to décor your home floor within a minimum budget then you can use the vinyl flooring option as this one is really cheap and vinyl flooring is durable and long lasting also. Cork flooring is also a nice idea for those trying to use natural elements

Where can you find the best under floor heating systems?

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under floor heating systemsStaying warm in the winters is important and keeping your feet warm contributes largely to staying warm. Keeping warm by installing under floor heating system in your house is a very good idea. This heating system requires low temperature and tepid water to function efficiently and it works really well in tandem with condensing boilers and heating pumps. Therefore, it goes without saying that the under floor heating system is a wonderful way to keep the house warm and cozy.

Now that you know about the advantages of under floor heating system you need to know where to purchase it from. The best place to purchase under floor heating system is online stores. You can purchase a room pack from these stores. A room pack offers under floor heating system in a box and comes in different sizes so that you can pick up the right size for your room.  The best thing about purchasing under floor heating system online is you will get reasonable discount.


Simple tips to install glass floor tiles

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glass floor tiles,floorsGlass tiles are the most preferred tiles in the recent few decades because of their elegance and classy look which gives quite a good impression of your house to your guests and relatives. So if you are thinking to do something different and to stand out in the crowds then go for glass tiles.

While installing glass titles on your floor you must remember the simple and very easy steps related to installing glass tiles. First step being extremely care as you must remember that what you are dealing with is glass and it can injure you if you are not careful enough.

Second step is always keeping the necessary first aid kit near so that if by chance anything goes wrong you can give immediate attention. The final step is before going for any of the previous steps do your study about how to properly install glass tiles from various online websites.