Tips To Clean Your Rain Gutters

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Cleaning your rain gutter

Rain gutters are one of the essential parts of the home which is generally ignored most of the times. However when you clean every part of your home and maintain it, it will every interior part but you never focus on the exterior parts like rain gutters. It is also an inseparable part of the home and you must include cleaning your rain gutters in your work bucket list. Cleaning your rain gutters is not that difficult job; you just need to take some time out. Cleaning your rain gutters is an easy do it yourself job and hence you also don’t need to make extra expenditure for this. However it is very much essential that you have done any such thing before and if not and these is the first time then be careful and take proper care of your safety while cleaning your rain gutters. The best time to clean your rain gutter is before rain hits your home. When the rain gutter is dirty, it will full of debris and hence when rain hits the home, the water will be clogged up and this will create weight on the roof and in turn damage your roof. Hence make sure to clean your rain gutter to avoid such circumstances. Here is an easy and stepwise method to clean your rain gutters.

  • Scoop the debris out

The cleaning process should be started from the low end of the gutter. Using a narrow garden trowel, scoop out any debris you see in the gutter and work them away from the drain outlet. This becomes easy when the debris is pliable and little bit damp and it is not dried or soggy and encrusted. For minimizing cleanup on the later stage, you can scoop out debris in a dustbin.

  • Blast the gutter out with hose

You can use a high pressure power washer and clean your rain gutter with that. This job can be really messy and also dirty. The mud on your rain gutter can be splattered over your entire house and cleaning it can be a trouble. Hence while cleaning the power washer, ensure that you clean smoothly to avoid this muddy and messy job of cleaning whole house. You can also use a stiff brush so that the encrusted brush is removed and you get your roof all cleaned.

  • Clean the drain pipe and remove obstruction

If the water is not draining properly from the drain pipe, then you can use the hose and you can try to flush down the debris with the hose. If this thing doesn’t work then you can make use of plumber auger to pull out the debris from the bottom part of the pipe and clear out the pipe. In certain circumstances, you can also push it from the top of the pipe and make the drain pipe free of any kind of obstruction.


Pros and Cons of Pyramid Roofs

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Pyramid roofsPyramid roofs are a type of hip roofs. Many of the roof styles are also there having their other kinds of features, pros and cons but it totally depends on you which one to go for. Pyramid roofs are one which has very distinctive kind of features.

What is pyramid roof?

As discussed earlier, it is a kind of hip roof. It has no vertical sides or gables. Instead of vertical sides or gable all the sides of roof slopes down towards the wall. Pyramid roof is called hip roof where all the sides of the roof are equal of the resulting roof which will form a pyramid shape. Pyramid roof does not contain any ridge on the top of the roof. This thing is usually seen in the other kinds of roof, but it is not seen in the pyramid roof. Pyramid roofs are usually prevalent in the small buildings. It is not seen in the large buildings. It is mostly preferred in the small bungalows, cabins and small residences. Pyramid roofs are also seen in the auxiliary buildings like pool houses, garages and other type of same structures.

Pros of pyramid roofs

  • Improves resistance to damaging winds

If your area has a issue of excessive wind and wind related damages then pyramid roofs are the best possible outcome for you. The shape of pyramid roof is aerodynamic. The roof possessing this shape is very less prone to the wind damage. It can handle the pressure of wind and stay away from damage. It increases the safety in the areas where you need to face hurricanes, tornadoes and other wind related natural disasters.

  • Eaves on all sides

Pyramid roofs are very efficient to keep the home cooler in the situation of extreme heat. The reason behind this cooling is the overhanging of the roof from all sides and the added shed from the eaves. It is very essential and also energy saver. It can lower your electricity bills as the amount of power consumed by your air conditioner to cool down your home reduces. Thus its cost saving as well as energy saving.

  • Looks beautiful

Because of even sides and overhanging eaves, pyramid roofing gives your roof an extra added appeal and a classy look. It has striking and distinctive features.

Cons of pyramid roofing

  • Cost

The costing of installing and replacing the pyramid roofing sets high as it has increased surface area as compared to other types of roofing. Pyramid roofing needs more labor and extra materials as compared to other roofing and thus it is expensive.

  • Reduced space

In case of pyramid roofing you get less loft or attic space. Due to its shape it doesn’t give as much attic space as other roofing gives in general case.

  • Ventilation and drainage

Pyramid roof does not shed or slopes away water as efficiently as gable and other types of roofs. Thus it is more likely to cause leaks and damage the roof. Due to the design, shape and construction of pyramid roof, there is a general trouble of ventilation also when compared to other roofs.

Butterfly Roofing

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Butterfly roofRoof is one of the most essential portions of your house. It gives protection, beauty, good structural layout, aesthetic appeal and much more. Thus while choosing your roof, you must be very conscious and active as it gives a shelter over your head and a prime factor affecting the look of your home. So when it comes to deciding the roof of your home, you should be careful that it meets with the needs of your building. Don’t just go for the suitability also takes into account the outer look of your roof. If you are search in such a roof which gives you the combination of both the things, then butterfly roof is the best thing you could get. Butterfly roof is also very popular as the inverted pitch roof. Sometimes it is also known as London roof even though it originated from USA. The structure of butterfly roofing comes when two of the adjacent gables are inward pitched towards the centre instead of meeting each other at the end.


The shape of butterfly roofs are relative very innovative. In the period of early to middle 20th century, there was a change seen in the design of roofing instead of Quaint country cottages and English Tudor style, a forward thinking design evolved                 in the urban areas which were in the favor of clean and minimalist lines instead of ornate pitches. Many of the styles came into existence in that time but only of them made to survive and butterfly roofs were one of them.  It proved to be very practical and a timeless design.


Butterfly roofs have several benefits and due to those advantages it managed to survive and became choice of people. It is very beneficial for the collection of harvesting rainwater as the inward sloping gables create a valley. This water can channeled down the roof and it can be used for the purpose of gardening and plumbing. Butterfly roofs are very useful in those areas which suffer from high wind like coastal town. It offers with a aerodynamic structure that decreases the risk of pulling which gradually happens on the roofline of upward pitched eaves.


You cannot have a look at the surface of the butterfly roof from the ground level because of the nature of it. Because of it remain unseen and unnoticed for a long period of time there can be issues generating on the roof and it can cause damage to your roof. It can lead to damp or leaks which can be avoided in the right time if it is noticed. Your damaged can be on a higher level if the loft space of your house is not consistently visited and the signs of water damage existent within the loft is not spotted and taken action of. On the other hand if pooling of water remains undetected in the valley of the roof then it creates pressure on the roof and increases the load on the roof and thus it can lead to cracks and bowling.