Get rid of pests in your kitchen

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pests in your kitchenPest infestation is the worst thing that can happen in anyone’s house. They become a nuisance and make life miserable for everyone living in it. One thing to always remember is that if your house is spic and span clean then automatically the chances of pest infestation becomes less. Pests are usually attracted to dirty exposed environments thus to keep them away keep clean, the first and basic technique.

Apart from that here is a small list of regular pests and getting rid of them:


Keep dirty cans and bottles away from the house. After a meal make sure you wash the utensils instead of keeping them in the sink to clean later on. This attracts the ants. Dishes should be kept covered and even after taking all these precautions ants are still there squeeze lemon juice in water and spray this mixture where you see ants. It’s one of the natural most effective methods of ant removal. Cinnamon, white vinegar, pepper, grits and strong perfumes are other ways of discarding ants.

Pantry moths:

These pests are attracted to flour, cereal, pet food and dried fruits. They come out at night and are a complete nuisance. The only way to get rid of them is to empty out the entire pantry and redo it. Scrub and clean every shelf thoroughly. Infested food should be thrown out and every box and container should be washed.

Fruit flies:

As the name suggests they infest on anything which is open and rotting hence the need to discard the rotting fruits from the kitchens. Slow drains should be cleared to make it faster and relieve from clogging which are also a major attraction for fruit flies. Vinegar is a repellent; use it in areas where situations go beyond control. Old mops and dusters should be discarded

How To Give Your Kitchen a French Feel

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Kitchen decoration, kitchen decor ideasKitchens are a very important part of the house. It is the place where you cook food for the entire family and so you should make sure that one always gets a healthy and joyful vibe form the place a neat, clean and well decorated kitchen can always inspire a person to cook with love. Giving your kitchen a French look can really help the place look classy in a very vintage fashion. Withered and old wooden looks are the basic theme of a French kitchen so to bring in that feel.

You can get specially painted cabinets to give them an aged look. This can also be done by ordering for customized cabinets and countertops. Make sure that the cutlery you have are vintage in style. You don’t have to spend a lot for these as you can get some great deals at online antique shops or even flea markets. The lighting should be done in the right manner to highlight the strong points of the kitchen. Indulge in lace dollies and drapes but be careful not to keep these near the stove.

Efficient Storage Spaces for Your Kitchen Utensils

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Kitchen storage, kitchen maintenanceThe kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is in the kitchen that many happy meals are cooked which the entire family enjoys. Every woman wants her kitchen to be the best. While most want a spacious kitchen that will give them ample space to move around and cook, most of the kitchen space is however compromised because of improper storage of kitchen utensils.

Today however you have the option of going for efficient storage spaces with intelligent furniture that provides the maximum storage without eating up much of your floor space. The best option is to go for furniture pieces that are struck up high on the wall of the kitchen, known as cabinets that allow you to store your utensils efficiently and give you ample space to work around. Apart from these there are modular kitchens available if you are not worried about spending too much. This modular furniture is designed exclusively for your kitchen so that you get the maximum utility.

Add a baker’s rack to your kitchen for convenience and style

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Kitchen decor tips, kitchenIf you are bored of the same old designing of your kitchen and want to introduce something to make it look new or different or both at the same time then go for a baker’s rack. A baker’s rack not only looks stylish but also adds uniqueness to your kitchen. You are bound to impress or surprise your guest every time they venture into your kitchen.

A baker’s rack is not only unique and different but it is of great convenience as well. A baker’s rack in the kitchen means added space for you to keep those extra dishes and utensils. There are times when you have guests coming over to your place and do not want to display the food dishes until its dinner time. These racks are definitely of great use when you are baking. For the purpose of installation in the kitchen, there are different designs of kitchen’s rack to choose from.

A Tuscan country style décor for your kitchen

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Kitchen decor tips, kitchenYou may think of decorating your kitchen recently, then why don’t you consider the Tuscan country style to decorate your kitchen. The country style décor will give your kitchen a really attractive look. Now to start with the country style décor first of all you need to give attention to your funds. If you are on a limited budget then you have design in that way only. The first part of the decoration for you is selecting the type of flooring you want. It can be any type you like, while wood, marble and flagstone is the most preferred option. The next important thing is the furniture which constitutes very important part of the kitchen.

You can use any type of furniture you like. But they should not be the modern improvised furniture as because the countryside look will match with it. Lastly is the overall look which includes shades of the wall which can be any one you like nothing in specific. Thus your kitchen is complete with its Tuscan Country Side look.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing kitchen cabinets

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Purchase kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinetsA kitchen should always be fresh, well ventilated and clutter free. To have enough movement space in your kitchen, you need to keep everything starting from cutlery to gadgets and cups to canned food items in cabinets and drawers. Doing this will save a lot of space and also help you keep everything in an organized manner for easy accessibility.

While choosing kitchen cabinets, you can go for in-built wall cabinets. They shouldn’t jut out and fit snugly making the kitchen look cleaner as a whole. You can also go for readymade stock cabinets if you find the one, which suits and fits your kitchen perfectly. Custom or semi custom cabinets are the best as not only will you know that they are of perfect shape and size but you can also put in a touch of your own tastes regarding the frame borders, colors and number of racks, etc.

How to fix a leaking kitchen pipe

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fix a leaking kitchen pipe, kitchen pipeProbably one of the most used things in the kitchen, the kitchen sink and the pipe that carries away all that dirty water from it, is something that we just cannot do without. It can only be imagined how much trouble is caused when you discover that your kitchen pipe has a leakage.

A few of the quick and effective ways of fixing up your own kitchen pipe without the help of any professional are provided below:

  • The most effective way of fixing your pipe is by cleaning its outer and inner surface with a soft detergent and making sure that it is free of clogs first.
  • With the help of water resistant seal, bound the area from where the leakage is taking place and make sure that the area in and around the leakage is covered as well.  This technique will work if the leakage is not too big and hold good for a few hours if you must need to change the pipe altogether.