Benefits of Merbau decking

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Merbau deckingIf you want to give your home outdoors an exquisite look, different from the rest of the neighborhood, the best possible way of doing so is by decking. Not only it creates an outdoor space which is quite usable but also it adds to the grandeur of your home exteriors. Thinking of decking as a possible add-on to your backyard? If so the first thing to consider is the type of wood you pick. There are different wood alternatives for an outdoor deck, of which Merbau is one pick that has an array of advantages.

1. Durable: Of late with more people going for outdoor decking, Merbau has become a preferred choice since it is very durable. The timber typically comes from South East Asian Tropics, and is quite oily naturally.

2. Color Alternatives: The natural timber varies a lot in shades, thus giving you a range of choices. From a light brown with a yellowish tinge the wood can get as dark as orange brown. On attaining maturity the wood goes dark brown in color but for decades together it retains luster. Courtesy is wonderful colors the wood is also popularly used for flooring and staircases besides decking.

3. Cost effective: Looking for a timber alternative that not only looks rich, but also will be easy on your pocket. If so, the single best option is Merbau. The timber has a super appealing look but is pretty cost effective in terms of initial purchase and maintenance. It can last perfectly for as long as 50 years without any extra maintenance.

4. Climate Endurance: Merbau decks can endure both humid and dry climate courtesy its oil content, thus making it a versatile choice.

So if you looking for a high end fancy deck for your backyard at pocket friendly expenses, the best possible option for you is Merbau.

How to give a rustic look with the right wall décor

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Home decor ideas, home decorBored of same wall texture or dull paint? Go for a rustic wall and give your room a cherished make over that will simply enhance your personality. When monotonous wallpaper or a normal paint has become almost a cliché, a rustic wall is in vogue these days and will definitely distinguish your choice from others. Creating a rustic or an old-earth look is easy and simple by adding glaze using artificial painting procedure. This technique adds age to the walls giving it a different texture altogether.

Remove all the wall equipments and fix the disputes if any, using putty. Clean any dirt or oil on the wall, apply a base coat of primer and let it dry completely and then put the first coat of your selected color using brush. Then create rustic texture using sea-sponges soaked in different colors. Give a good time to dry. Don’t forget to protect your walls with polyurethane.

Top 5 items to accessorize your home

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Home decor accessories, home decorYour home is your abode of peace and that is why it is your right to make it look attractive and well-organized. Today, a large number of accessories are available in the market and that is why the task of accessorize your home has become quite easy. The following items can be absolutely necessary to make your home look impressive:
• Make your home settle in a well organized manner where things must be placed in their own respective places. Make open spaces as much as possible by placing the things in wardrobes, chests, and almirahs.
• Use a tool box and place all handy tools in it so that you could find them easily whenever you need.
• Covered shoe-racks must for keeping the shoes in. it can make the home neat and clean.
• Kitchen accessories must be kept in racks.
• Use of shelves and attics must be done wisely to place things safely.

Ceiling Fan Options for a Kid’s Room

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Kid’s Room, ceiling fanChoosing a ceiling fan for your child’s room is a very important task. You need to keep a lot of things in mind which includes getting the right shape, size and design which is apt for the child and the surroundings of the room. The quality should also be good for efficient service. There are varieties of options to choose from and you can even get your own customized ceiling fan which will brighten up the room’s décor in no time.

You can be color specific which can match with the room or you can even choose cartoon characters which your child will absolutely love. You can attach a light to it too, in order to enhance the overall look. You can find ceiling fans online. Just make sure that the website is reputed and legitimate and you select the right size. When the installation is being done, make sure that it’s secure and it’s within cleaning range. The position must be perfect to give a cool light breeze in every corner of the room.

Doing up a home entrance

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Tips to decorate home entrance, home decorYour home’s entrance is the place which your guests notice first. That’s why extra care should be taken to decide upon the style and décor of the home entrance in order to make a good first impression. Depending upon the amount of space you have, you should decide which accessories to use, what colors to experiment with and if any area needs remodeling or not. Also you need to make sure that the place has enough lighting so that it looks bright and welcoming even after dark.

You can make a grand entrance by using a chandelier in the porch. The walkway should be made in such a way that it’s not too rocky and is comfortable to walk. You can decorate the sidelines with ported flowering plants or with a bench or two. If you are willing to invest a little more, you can also put out an outdoor fountain at the centre meeting part of the walkway. The entrance should not be overdone. Just make sure that it doesn’t seem that you’re showing off. Use elements which complement each other and impress your guests as they come.

Get home some antiques to give it a classy look

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Decorate home with antiques, home decorThere are numerous ways to give the house a new look. One may not need to spend a lot but just need to use their head and imagination for that perfect look for the house. There are many such looks to choose from and one of the most popular ones is the classy old age look. This can be done very easily through the installing of some antique pieces of furniture in the house.

One can go for the antique cupboards or the antique dining table for that perfect classy look. They can also choose between more expensive options like a piano or a gramophone player if they have space in the house. If one is not in a position to spend much they can go for the smaller items like a clock or a sofa set that was a part of history and now brings that classy look.

Installation Of Window Fixtures Made Easy

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Tips for window decor, window decor accessoriesInstallation of window treatments might not be that tough than choosing the right treatment. Earlier we used to have just a few curtain options, when now we have drapes, roman shades, blinds, mini-blinds, cloth and shutters; it becomes quite tough getting the appropriate one that which is a style and heat resistant too. After you pass that hurdle next are few simple steps.

Certainly there are customized options too that are as per your need. Top condos certainly need privacy but windows in your bedroom need privacy as well a heat filter too. So decide where is the window situated and what is it specifically used for. Every single treatment has its own set of tool requirements. While pleated drape options need pins and a rod but tabbed ones need an ornamental and decorative rod for hanging. Sheers and valances are of the same nature. Take the right measurements and install the right holding tools and cover the whole window. Follow the installation manual.

Tips to decorate a large window

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Decorate large window, window decorationIf you are thinking to decorate your room with best suited decor ideas, then you should give a keen attention to your window. Generally, while decorating home people give the least attention to large windows. They are kept for the last and at the end the budget goes down and windows are often neglected. Large windows play a very important role in a room and if decorated well they can make a room look unique.

While decorating your windows, you can take use of blinds. These blinds are available in many colours though mostly people prefer white. You can also use the beige or the black colour as they go with every interior. The large windows can also be decorated using matching curtains. You can use matching curtains with the interior of the room or even in contrasting colours. Windows when decorated well make your room look good and the size of the window always makes it look even more beautiful.

An account on double glazing your windows

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Double glazed windows, windowsWindows make a very essential part of your home. It makes your home look good and different form the ones surrounding your home. It not only helps in enhancing appearance but also helps in maintaining the room temperature and energy bills. There are many different types of windows available in the market for you to choose from. Double glazed mirrors are the latest trend among the windows. These windows help to keep dust or dirt outside the room during storms and strong winds.

These double glazed windows help in enhancing the look of your home. These windows are most useful to keep a check on the amount of heat sent outside your home and the heat entering. As the temperature is kept under control the monthly energy bills are kept on check. The homes that are getting down on looks can use these windows to get a renovation and bring a new appearance. So think about the benefits of double glazed windows and select wisely the window fit for your home.

How to convert your attic into a cozy hangout area

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cozy hangout area,Home DecorAttics are those large spaces in a house which is the most neglected and unmaintained. Getting rid of the useless clutter and hazardous molds infesting in the closed up space of your home, it can be turned into a cozy hangout spot to have some fun time with family and friends.

  • Clean up the clutter. Use the garage space for storage and throw out or sell the junk as a result of years of dumping.
  • Add cheer to the attic with bold and bright paints. Wallpapers with glorious patterns can also be used.
  • Keep cool furniture like bean bags, low tables and couches to provide a comfort level to the guests.
  • Put a refrigerator dock stuffed with drinks and ice. You can also get a microwave to heat up ready-to-serve foods.
  • Get a pool table or a music system with your favorite CDs for relaxing and having a good time.