Patio door options for your home

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Patio door for home, doorsIf you have the luxury of a patio, choosing the right kind of door is very important. When you walk into your patio or when you invite your guests over, your door should say what kind of feel your patio has. There are various options available in the market these days and depending upon how much you want to spend and the style and decor of your patio, choose the one you like the most.

Slide and pivot doors are the latest trend in the line of patio doors. They can snugly fit together giving you an easy access to opening and closing. They also have unique locking system for maximum security. You also don’t have to spend extra on frames, which are sturdy, as the sliding doors do not require hinges. You can go for a different décor like simple glass, frameless doors or French styles doors or even Tuscan doors for your patio.

How to take care of your potted plants:

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In the modern world one of the things that we use widely for the decoration of our room is the plants. Green plants give your home perfect look as well as healthy for the people living in that room. But then you have to keep in mind that taking proper care of you the green potted plants is very necessary. You have to water the plants regularly. Otherwise they may just dry up. You also need to keep the plants out of doors in sun for a particular period. Again you need to change the soil of the plants too. This is the regular maintenance of the plants. And you have to do it regularity maintaining a proper routine. In case of any disease of the plants you have to spray medicines too. Also you have to trim the dried up and rotten leaves otherwise the whole plant may die. If you follow these few things your room will be always as good as before.


Cozy study decor option for your home

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A study room serves many purposes ranging from your area for paperwork, reading, business space and even your children using them for study. So to start off with the environment; your study should have a sober outlook yet comfortable environment. The paint on the walls should be light like pale yellow or crisp white and not eye-staining, something which will be relaxing and would help to concentrate. Flooring have options, ceramic tiles comes hardy and easy cleaning while wooden floors are perfect and even better carpets available at different colours and designs. Curtains are also important part of decor.


Basic furniture like shelves, a table, chairs and computer is enough but furniture are as your choice of need, so decide as per your requirements. Hi-tech gadgets, filing cabinets and tea tables can be add-ons’. The lighting devices are to be decided upon, if there are  comfortable sources of natural light then one desk lamp and a wall fixture is enough otherwise think upon on more investment. So think and act as per your needs!

How to give your living room décor a Victorian touch

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Are you decorating your new house and you want to give it a different look? Then you should go for the Victorian look. Just by fitting selected accessories you give your living room a Victorian touch. The wall art should be chosen carefully as it is very essential for the Victorian look. You have to be very careful while choosing the wall art as any art may not fit your house. Thus you have to go for such wall art that fits your house.

Next is the selection of pillows in your house. Out of the wide variety of pillows available you have to go for the selected trends. Pillows in the living room and dining room, kitchen and even bathroom add a Victorian touch to your house. But then the pillows should be strategically placed. Also selection of proper lightings of the house is very important. For the lampshades the “jhar” light should be chosen quite selectively

Add a game room to your home with easy steps

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game room,Home DecorFeeling the summer beat already!! But how about a place inside your house where you can invite friends and neighbours and hang about with them over some of those hot games that you like, or crave for? Think about it. Though there is no hardcore male domination in the gaming craze, still it is mostly boys, how about a hangout place with friends over some group activity? All fun-filled games, right?

So the Ideal place you are looking for is the Game Room!! Now don’t waste your energy scratching your head, any storeroom or basement renovated will do, what you first need is a BIG television screen. Flat-screens with 3-D effect, perfect! Get those gaming kit too like, Ping-Pong tables, pin balls machines, air hockey, foosball etc.

A poker table enhances value but a comfortable couch and folding chairs, sporty touch!! To add on get few autographed posters!! Get some florescent labels and signs, a master touch for your gaming room.

Always keep one thing in mind, you need always be original!! The more you spend, the more you add!!


Solar pool covers for your pool

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Solar pool covers,Home DecorDo you want to enjoy extended swimming sessions in your home swimming pool? Well then you should get a solar pool cover for your pool which can increase the temperature of your pool by 20 percent if you use it properly. Different types of solar pool covers are available in the market of different shapes and sizes, above ground and in ground solar pool covers are also available that very in their thickness. You should cover the pool with this solar pool sheet when you are not using it.

If the weather is sunny then the bubbles of the cover absorb heat from sun and channelize it into your pool water by enhancing its temperature. But at night this pool cover takes the heat within itself and prevents the water from getting evaporated. But before using the swimming pool you should remove the cover and wrap it up for storage.


Tips to give your kid’s room a jungle inspired décor

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A child’s room needs to be interesting and fun. While thinking of doing up your kid’s room in a unique manner, one theme, which you can go for, is jungle theme. Children are always fascinated with forests and jungles as they hold a large amount of intrigue and adventure for them. Give your child a wild surprise by decorating the room by giving it a jungle look.

For the walls, go for shades of dark green or purple. If you’re planning to make new furniture, dark wood would look the best in this kind of a room. Have a large rug with patterns or a dark color like brown or grey to make the room look cozier. For the drapes or curtains, you can always go for simple plain shades or you can choose curtains with leaf or animal prints. Hang up a poster of Mowgli or Tarzan in the room for the ultimate jungle look. As for the lighting have bright ceiling lights but also make sure that you have a blue or soft-lit night lamp as well.

Top 5 things that can give your home a celebrity home appeal

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home decor, home decor ideasDoes the inner child in you dream to be a celebrity? Do you wish to live like one? Let’s get a reality check. All of us cannot turn into celebrities but we can sure live like one. The world may not know you but your home is your loyal follower. You sure are the celebrity to your known territory. 5 things that can give your home a celebrity appeal are:

  • Beautiful and brilliant furniture that consists of luxurious leather along with exotic woods and tasteful designs and a detailed artwork. You can consider buying or creating a canopy twin bed for your bedroom.
  • Glittering and decorative chandeliers which shall increase the glow of your rooms.
  • Well matched curtains which perfectly blend with the color of rooms. You can also use vibrant wallpapers and highlighting bracket lights to highlight your celebrity like taste.
  • A big display showcase in your dining room or your living which is likely to be used to display a fine variety of cutlery and flaunt you class.
  • You can also design your backyard with decorative and well manicured plants to give it a natural and soothing look.

Just remember you’re the celebrity at home. No matter how much celebrity like you may create it to be it shall still represent your spirit.