How to clean your air conditioner

January 12, 2013  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Cleaning

Tips to clean air conditioner, air conditionerCleaning air conditioner at least once in 3 every month is extremely essential and it can be done by yourself if you apply the right tactics. Moreover you will also save spending huge bucks and your precious time in getting your air conditioner serviced. You only require a screw driver, wash bag, chemical detergent and also a compress spray air. You need to lay more stress on fan coil unit since it covers 90% components of air conditioner as it is the indicator through which cold air reaches you. The other unit mostly contains electric motor and all the electrical components.

Make sure you have selected a strong and reliable chemical detergent for cleaning air conditioner and also if you want you can directly wash the fan coil unit on the wall. Though screw driver is not always required and compress spray air is used for maintaining compressibility in the air conditioner.

Tips To Clean Your Chimney Place

June 05, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Cleaning

Tips to clean home chimney,, chimney maintenanceYour very integral household equipment- chimney needs maintenance for proper and effective functioning. Here are some tips to clean your chimney place:

1. Determine that your chimney requires cleaning by ensuring there’s a heavy accumulation of dust on the inner walls
2. Make sure you have covered the surrounding furniture and appliances with plastic or paper in anticipation of dust.
3. Use ample lighting to see the interior of the chimney. You can use a powerful flashlight for this purpose.
4. Begin by sweeping the bottom part of the chimney using a broom
5. To ensure smooth and hassle free cleaning clean the damper carefully using a brush with strong bristles
6. Wipe using a dry cloth, if the accumulations are difficult to get away with use a wet cloth
7. Use a ladder to reach to the highest part of your chimney. Carefully remove any stuck up object that can cause obstruction like a leaf or web.
Lastly, do ensure safety measures to avoid any kind of accident.

A detail on dumpster rental

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Dumpster rental service, dumpster rental Selecting a good dumpster rental service goes a long way. For organized and regular trash removal, choose a reliable dumpster rental service today. Even if you own an office or an agency, you can apply for dumpster rental services. They have several packages like dumpster cleaning on a daily, monthly or weekly and even fortnight basis. Choose the one, which suits the needs of your home or agency the best.
You can also choose different sized dumpsters for rent as you please.

Some companies also offer customized services. You can select the option for your garbage to be cleaned out every 2 or 4 hours, anywhere within 24 hours. This has been done for places mostly like restaurants and diners. Society cleanup programs and charity cleaning programs are held by many dumpster rental service companies. During this time, they also offer discounts on the dumpster rents to people of the community or society they are working on.

How to remove mold from your wall

April 07, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Home Care, Home Cleaning

Are you searching for ways to remove mold from your wall? Do you want to get rid of that mold in your wall? Mold generally occurs in wet and damp areas. They are generally found in bathroom walls, attics and basement. Mildew and mold on your wall can be a big problem. One of the solutions is to install a moisture barrier. A moisture barrier needs to be installed under the slab floor or in the walls. Aluminum foil acts as a good moisture barrier.

Molds often occur due to leakage in some part and especially due to internal leakage that is apparently not visible. A plumbing leak is what you should look for. You can remove the mold with the help of a sponge dipped in chlorine bleach. Sunlight is another solution to remove those molds from your wall. You can also arrange for a dehumidifier available in the market, though they are a little expensive.