Spray paint for intricate house work

August 11, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Colors And Paint

Spray paint, home paintingDuring the times when you have renovating your house and want to redecorate it after the renovation is over, it is very obvious that you would want to paint your house. While you are carrying ion with proce4ss of painting your house, not all the areas of it can easily painted. You will find certain areas in your house which are hard to be painted in the conventional method. This is a circumstance when it is likely that you take the aid of spray painting to complete the process of painting your house.

The areas which are essentially suitable for the process of spray painting are the intricate corners of your house. Spray painting effectively paints those areas which are a bit difficult to be painted with the human hands. Spray painting involves the process of spraying color over the areas which cannot be painted by the brush. It is very effective as it spreads efficiently all over the applied area.

Wall papers or paints: which one should you go for?

May 30, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Colors And Paint

Paints for home, paintsThere are various ways by which you can decorate your house but the most important which you can face is whether you will use or wallpaper. Before you do any of these you must think well the purpose of your painting room. The things which you will need to paint are- color, rollers, trays, brushers, step ladders etc. Besides price paint is easy to apply and durable. It is easy to clean.

On the other hand using wallpaper is a tough job and a lot frustrating one. You have to tear papers and then paste it with glue. If you use excess glue lumps will be formed and if you use less glue then the papers will not be there on the walls. Nowadays besides papers, fabric and glass clothes are also used. Like paint the quality will vary on the basis on the price and the manufacturer. You can use both the wall papers and paints in your house as that will be complementary.

Liven up your walls with 3D paintings

May 09, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Colors And Paint

Wall decor with 3D paintings, paintsDo you want to try something different with your wall? Want to give an animated look to your room? 3D paintings will give an ultra modern look to your wall and the entire room. 3D wall paintings have recently become very popular and are very much preferred in a kid’s room. A 3D wall painting in a particular wall definitely livens up the same old boring look of your wall and makes the whole room attractive. There are numerous designs and patterns available for you to choose from. 3D painting can be applied on a wall that is painted at least one month before. You will derive the best results when the painting is done on a smooth and flat surface. After making the 3D painting, you need to leave the painted wall just like that for almost a month in order to get the desired look.