Tips To Repair Basement Leaks

October 21, 2016  //  Posted by: Joguide  //  Category: Basement
Repairing basement leaks

Tips to repair basement leaks

Have your homes basement started leaking? Do you have any recent flooding in your basement? Have you any winter snow melting? If you really didn’t had anything but still your basement is leaking then I guess you have no idea why is this happening. You use your basement space for storing things and if there are basement leaks then there involves risk of your things getting damaged by water. Repairing basement leaks is usually very difficult thing as it is very difficult to find their source. Hence make sure you find the right spot as soon as possible and repair your basement leaks. Here are some of the causes of basement leaks and the ways to repair those basement leaks.

Why there are basement leaks?

There are various reasons which can make your basement to leak. Before even your foundation was poured and your concrete walls were installed, a hole which is even bigger than your foundation is dug. After that the foundation was poured and the walls were then installed. In between the walls and the undisturbed soil, there was a gap which is several inches wide. This gap was then filled up with soil and loose rocks. This soil is known as backfill soil and it would never be as hard as that of the undisturbed soil which is surrounding it. When the water is flowing around the foundation, it will fill up porous spaces in the backfill soil. Then this water will leak from every crack and opening which is imaginable. The additional weight of water which is in the backfill soil will put extra pressure on basement concrete walls. The walls will then crack in many places and then you will have basement leaks.

How to repair basement leaks?

When you are repairing basement leaks, you will many different approaches. Here is each and every approach and also the ways to use it for repairing concrete in basement leaks.

  • Negative side sealant

This strategy will involve using hydraulic cement or waterproofing pain for coating the interior basement wall. All the cracks will be sealed and moisture will also not be allowed. But this solution does not work permanently.

  • Exterior excavation

This method involves digging all way down till concrete footing from outside. After that a waterproofing membrane is applied and protective drainage board is also laid over that. However this is also such a solution for basement repair which does not work permanently.

  • Interior footing drains

These are same as that of exterior excavation. The only difference is that they are done from the inside of the concrete surface. This solution is also not for permanent base.

  • Baseboard system

Drilling of weep holes are done in the floors or wall joint or in the wall only. After that vinyl baseboard is epoxied on the floor. After that the water is directed in the sump pump system which will drain the water from the area through the pipe. This solution for basement leaks can be used with monolithic floors only and such other rare instances only.