Easy Tips To renovate Your Home

August 14, 2016  //  Posted by: Joguide  //  Category: Home Improvement

Renovating your homeAfter some years have passed, you feel your home to be old and outdated. You don’t have the same feeling and like towards your home which you use to have. In such situation what you need to do to bring back the charm of your home is to renovate your home. Of course renovating your home is a big decision and involves lots of bucks but still if it is necessary you have to come to the decision of renovating your home. If you go for big ideas then renovating your home can be a costly project, instead go for making small changes and renovate your home with low budget. Renovating your home is easy if you go for the right tips and tricks but if you don’t want to take any chance then of course you can go for hiring an expert for renovating your home. Here are some of the easy and simple tips for renovating your home.

  • Create open space in your home

Open space and open floor plans are on the top of the list of the home buyer’s wish list. Most of the home owners want an open floor plan where they can have a big family room or have a big kitchen or have a vast open space. If you are planning for formal dining room and don’t do it as this is going out of trend. Thus while renovating your home, pay focus on making open floor plans as it will make your home more appealing and more elegant not only to you but also to those visiting your home. Also try and move out all those heavy and bulky furnishings out of your house and keep your home more sober and open. If you are attached to the bulky furnishings and can’t get rid of it then try tom paint the room with soft color while renovating your home as it will contribute a bit in making the gigantic furniture disappear. Such color will trick your eye and make your home look more airy, spacious and open.

  • Add new lighting

One of the most easy and cheap ways to renovate your home is adding new lighting. Of course this is a cheap idea but renovating your home by adding lighting is an effective idea and you can see a considerable change in your home by installing new lighting. A poorly lit up room look very dark small and cramped while a brightly lighted up room can look more inviting welcoming, big and airy. There are plenty of ways of adding lights to your home. One of them is to buy table lamps and floor lamps. Place tall floor lamps in those corners which are dark and it will be one of the best tip or renovating your home.

  • Change window treatment

Blinds, drapes and curtains are also one of the major contributing factors in renovating your home. Changing the curtains and adding some delightful window dressing can change the whole look of the home and add beauty to your home.