Benefits of Merbau decking

March 06, 2014  //  Posted by: thebesthomeimprovementguide  //  Category: Home Decor

Merbau deckingIf you want to give your home outdoors an exquisite look, different from the rest of the neighborhood, the best possible way of doing so is by decking. Not only it creates an outdoor space which is quite usable but also it adds to the grandeur of your home exteriors. Thinking of decking as a possible add-on to your backyard? If so the first thing to consider is the type of wood you pick. There are different wood alternatives for an outdoor deck, of which Merbau is one pick that has an array of advantages.

1. Durable: Of late with more people going for outdoor decking, Merbau has become a preferred choice since it is very durable. The timber typically comes from South East Asian Tropics, and is quite oily naturally.

2. Color Alternatives: The natural timber varies a lot in shades, thus giving you a range of choices. From a light brown with a yellowish tinge the wood can get as dark as orange brown. On attaining maturity the wood goes dark brown in color but for decades together it retains luster. Courtesy is wonderful colors the wood is also popularly used for flooring and staircases besides decking.

3. Cost effective: Looking for a timber alternative that not only looks rich, but also will be easy on your pocket. If so, the single best option is Merbau. The timber has a super appealing look but is pretty cost effective in terms of initial purchase and maintenance. It can last perfectly for as long as 50 years without any extra maintenance.

4. Climate Endurance: Merbau decks can endure both humid and dry climate courtesy its oil content, thus making it a versatile choice.

So if you looking for a high end fancy deck for your backyard at pocket friendly expenses, the best possible option for you is Merbau.