Electrical safety tips for your kids

August 29, 2013  //  Posted by: thebesthomeimprovementguide  //  Category: Home Improvement

Electrical safety tipsElectricity is something that is always very dangerous when played with and though adults understand this concept but the children don’t. That is why it is important for the adults to teach their kids some safety measures so that they do not get any kind of electric shocks. Some of the best tips of electrical safety are as follows:

• Avoidance of electrical wires and outlets- this is the first thing that you should teach your kids. They should not touch any kind of electrical wires and outlets that are there at home. It also happens that these wires keep hanging from poles on the roads and kids have a tendency to touch them but ideally they should not. In order to make them unaware of such things you can keep electrical wires or chords away from their sight.

• Lesson on danger signs- your kids should be taught the various dangers signs that are there to highlight that there is high voltage electricity passing through and things like that. You often see the picture of a skull with two bones crossed under which it is written “Danger 440 Volts”. So you should inform your kids about the danger and not to go near them.

• Do not climb near fences or transmission towers- when young kids just love to climb trees near their houses but they are totally unaware that there may be a danger that lies ahead. It often happens that the trees lean on some transmission tower that carries high voltage electricity with it. So you should tell your kids that if they are climbing trees then make sure that there are no such towers beside them or it would be better if they do not climb trees at all because there are chances of falling down and breaking hands or legs too.