How to maintain your marble flooring

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marble flooringMarble floors undoubtedly give a classy, sophisticated, spacious and royal touch to your house. Depending upon your choice, you can have polished marbles or rougher ones as well. But with this beauty comes the maintenance of marble floors which can be a little tedious. This can be made easy if you keep certain things in your mind for prolonging the beauty of your floor.

First thing is that never let mess settle down on your floor, if there is any spill then clean it as soon as possible. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that marble is very sensitive and will crack if anything heavy falls on it. Therefore be careful to avoid such accidents. Marble flooring is also very prone to scratches, so ensure to get the legs of your furniture padded and use plenty of placemats. Additionally keep hot items away from the marble flooring. And while cleaning use marble specific products only. With these simple steps your marble flooring will remain as good as new!

How to maintain stone flooring in old homes

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stone flooringStone flooring has always been a choice in flooring across many cultures and societies. The construction material used is very abundant and durable. This makes it the best option with the least possible maintenance to go along with. There is still some maintenance associated to stone flooring. Things overlooked can actually turn out to be tiresome later on. Stains made are needed to be cleaned off fast. So is there the need to maintain chips and cracks on the stone flooring, there is also the need for maintaining the usage of proper cleaning tools that care to the need of an old and antique stone floor.

Makes sure not to keep the floor wet most of the time as water stains can be really difficult to overcome. Also make sure to put down some standing rules over the use of outdoor footwear on the flooring. Dust particles carrying quartz can actually erode away the stone flooring smooth and shine.