How to give your backyard a whole new look for a birthday party

April 30, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Garden Decor Tips

The backyard of your house can be the perfect place to celebrate a birthday party. Any party will live a lot of mess when the party is over and you will be able to keep the inside of your house clean if you throe a party in the backyard. In addition, throwing a party in the backyard can be more exciting than partying indoors. You can use the space for a little barbecue stand for the party. Decorate the backyard according to your taste.


You can drape little bright lights around the trees of the backyard, which would look really great during the party evening. You can also stretch a piece of white cloth from a post to a post and play a movie on it through a projector. You can also get an inflatable water pool for the party and see how your party is enjoyed by the guests. Make sure the seating arrangement is adequate for the guests.

Tips to start your terrace garden

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Just because you live in a small apartment with not enough space to grow a garden does not mean you cannot nurture your gardening skills. You can start growing a garden in your terrace. So, do you want to start a terrace garden? If you do, here are some tips that might help you. Firstly, you will have to determine the amount to space you want to dedicate to your terrace garden and then decide of the types of plants that you want to grow in the garden.


There are a few plants like potatoes which will not work well in the terrace. So, while making the list, see which plants will grow best in the terrace garden. You will then have to purchase terracotta pots for the plants. You should also label the pots so that you can differentiate one plant from the other easily. Purchase the right kind of fertilizers for the plants.

How to take care of your potted plants:

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In the modern world one of the things that we use widely for the decoration of our room is the plants. Green plants give your home perfect look as well as healthy for the people living in that room. But then you have to keep in mind that taking proper care of you the green potted plants is very necessary. You have to water the plants regularly. Otherwise they may just dry up. You also need to keep the plants out of doors in sun for a particular period. Again you need to change the soil of the plants too. This is the regular maintenance of the plants. And you have to do it regularity maintaining a proper routine. In case of any disease of the plants you have to spray medicines too. Also you have to trim the dried up and rotten leaves otherwise the whole plant may die. If you follow these few things your room will be always as good as before.


Animal print rugs for a glamorous décor

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Many people out there would like to décor their homes and offices with stuffs that portray glamour and liveliness. One method which people nowadays readily use is the rugs which they bring into their homes and offices. The rug designs hold the key to what one wishes to portray. Animal print rugs is the first choice of those who wish to décor their homes and offices in a glamorous way.


If you search online or hunt for animal print rugs at the décor or rug stores, you will come across variety of options to pick from. It sometimes becomes difficult to decide as to which animal prints to go with. The best way to do this is to know your present interior designing of your home, the furniture that you have brought in, and thus decide on the animal print rugs which compliment them. You will never run out of options.



Add a beanbag for that retro feel

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Beanbags have been around for years. They come and go but they can never fail to brighten up your rooms. Beanbags are super comfortable. They come in various sizes and colors and even in specific designs and patterns. You can place them anywhere in your bedroom, your child’s room or even in the drawing room. They also act as great, comfortable furniture for a relaxing read, so you can put one in your study too.

Choosing the right chair to suit the ambience and feel of every room is necessary. It’s best not to buy beanbags online as then you won’t be able to judge its actual size and comfort level. Go to nearby malls, furniture stores or even sale stores. Do make sure that you sit and find your ease before you buy a beanbag. The color or design can be chosen on the basis of the room you wish to put it in ands your own taste.

Cozy study decor option for your home

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A study room serves many purposes ranging from your area for paperwork, reading, business space and even your children using them for study. So to start off with the environment; your study should have a sober outlook yet comfortable environment. The paint on the walls should be light like pale yellow or crisp white and not eye-staining, something which will be relaxing and would help to concentrate. Flooring have options, ceramic tiles comes hardy and easy cleaning while wooden floors are perfect and even better carpets available at different colours and designs. Curtains are also important part of decor.


Basic furniture like shelves, a table, chairs and computer is enough but furniture are as your choice of need, so decide as per your requirements. Hi-tech gadgets, filing cabinets and tea tables can be add-ons’. The lighting devices are to be decided upon, if there are  comfortable sources of natural light then one desk lamp and a wall fixture is enough otherwise think upon on more investment. So think and act as per your needs!

Furniture option to spruce up your dining room

April 24, 2012  //  Posted by: home improvement guide  //  Category: Furniture

The dining room concept might be unique as per your design plan and hence would differ from others, with those unique ideas you have been gathering for some time, and it’s now time to turn your thoughts to action. Here brief concepts are being shared which might assist you on the way.

So materials come first; all furniture are made with a strong foundation of wood, glass, chrome, stainless steel, wrought iron etc, some of the new trends in furniture are that made from stones, fibre glass, crystal or other materials. Today Fusion is a trend and so all materials are mixed and matched to give design to a host of new furniture generation.

Well style is also an important factor to look forward to; there are host of contemporary designers or go for some pocket-friendly professional help and provide them with you plan and get your furniture specially ordered. You have a variety on textures on glass tops like clear, frosted or black. Rich colour, edges and curves of the design should also be looked into. Last but not least, the display is a factor too; don’t get your place overcrowded, leave it spacious. Happy decorating!!

How to give your bedroom color themed décor

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Our bedrooms are the places where we come home after a long hard day at work and relax. The décor and feel of the bedroom should be inviting and serene so that you can leave your worries behind and relax in your own little corner of the world. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you should always go with a color theme. Color themed décor are beautiful and classy and the right choice goes a long way.
Now choosing colors like beige is boring. These days contemporary choices like midnight blue, wine red or even cosmic purple is the in thing. Color your walls in a monotonous color as mentioned above. Match the drapes or you can mix and match. Go for heavy gold and bronze undertones. For the bed sheets, patterned lilac or blue always looks good, depending upon the color of the room. Choose a rug, which complements the room. Never go for light shaded carpets and rugs in the bedroom.

Varieties of pergolas

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Nowadays many people are considering the idea of building pergolas in their new home. If you have built a new home and are planning for some decoration for your home, then you can also consider the option of building a pergola. They give an imperialist look to your home. You can have a pergola either for your patio deck, or as a gateway to your garden. There are wide varieties of pergolas available. An open roof pergola is an awesome place for enjoying the beauty of a starry night. But then before you go for a pergola built you have to consider the most important thing that is your budget. In case you have limited budget or not enough funds then you may not be able to build a pergola.


But if you yourself are a good artisan then you buy the accessories from the market and get them fixed as directed and your pergola will be ready.  The designs and the patterns of the pergolas do vary really in a great way. A lot of architectural patterns are available that may impart a classy touch to your home décor.

Merits and Demerits of under floor heating

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Are you thinking about installing under floor heating devices then make sure whether they are right for your house. Under floor heating system is a low-cost, easy installation capable device that has the feature of evenly heating up your house. So there is no covering up of those unattractive heating devices that are available in the market. They are almost compatible to any kind of flooring. And they also help you in saving money on the long run.

So let’s look for some benefits that you enjoy, this system mainly comprises of water pipes that are quite cheaper than the cost o radiators. So with this installation your savings increases. Instead of having some corners warm, while others deprived of heating, this system evenly heats up the entire place. Furniture movements won’t be a problem, because you never intend to do so. If you stay in a damp climatic condition, then this system quickly heats up the floor and so no more moulds and other damp created problems. And other heating devices that are installed above the floors have a tendency to blow the dirt and dust from the floor, but here you face no such problems. You breathe in clean air!

The demerit seems to be not much; the only problem that you would face would be at the time of installation. Give a thorough reading of the instruction manual before installation or professional help would be best. Otherwise condensation could be a danger.