How to position water fountains

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water fountainsWater fountains in homes have been around forever. Many years ago it was only a question of the aristocratic families to have such luxury. But with change in times, water fountains can be now afforded by the common people as well.  Add a mixture of beauty and elegance to your home by installing a water fountain. They can be set up at the entrance lawn, backyards, circular spacious areas, courtyards and gardens. Be the envy of the neighborhood and have this stunning piece of beauty at your home.

They come in various sizes and structures. Choose your design well. You may go for traditional pastel shades with gold enhancements or you could try something different. Make sure the size is right for your area. Also fen shui says that water fountains bring in the “chi” (energy) of the water element into the house. You can look for help by going through interior décor magazines as well to choose what’s right for you.

Classy bathroom lighting options

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bathroom lighting options,bathroom careA bathroom is a place which always needs to be dry, clean and well lit. If your bathroom is dimly lit, accidents may occur a lot as the wet floors tend to be slippery. Also a dimly lit bathroom can be embarrassing if you have guests as they are not used to the surroundings. That is why choosing your bathroom lights well are very important. Choose a good large light for the overall lighting. Use this when you wash clothes and clean the bathroom. When you use the mirror you need something which helps you focus on your face. So put a bright but small light right above the basin mirror.


While you bathe it is suggested that you use low lights as they help you relax. So you can install something similar to night lamps or you can go for small Christmas lights as well. Bathroom lights come in various designs and colors. Choose warm shades and vintage designs to give your bathroom a very trendy look.

How to prevent your home from moth infestation

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moth infestation,home careRegardless of the type of pests, infestations are common in the dirty, damp areas in your home. Prevention is always better than cure as the latter involves a lot of expenditure and effort.

Moths are generated from the larvae that hatch in the corners of your clothes rack. Cleaning clothes regularly is the usual process but that does not ensure a shield from infestations.

Vacuum the rugs, carpets and curtains often to prevent moths from hatching in there and to get rid of the larvae if any present. Many kinds of moth repellants and deterrents are present in the markets which are quite effective as wardrobe fresheners as they provide a sweet smell. Air your storage space from time to time during change of seasons to prevent any kind of moth infestation. Vacuum the storage racks thoroughly and put the clothes under direct sunlight before and after using them for a particular season.


How to prepare your home for an earth quake

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earth quake proofed homeIf you are staying in an earthquake prone area, it’s necessary that you prepare your home accordingly. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for earthquakes.

First of all, it’s important that never stuff your home with too many furniture pieces. As regards to the heavy appliances and décor items in your house-keep them secured to the walls and as far as possible place them at the ground level, especially the breakable items. Besides, never keep your bed or any sitting arrangement below any heavy furnishing or wall art.

Second, it is important to make sure you have a strong roof.  Making sure you have the roof inspected on a regular basis is important.  There can be many issues that you might not see until the problem has becomes severe in nature.  Once you have a leak then you are in need of repair, but if you live in an earthquake prone area you want to make sure you catch an damage early, before an earthquake strikes the damage.  Waiting until its too late may cause damage that could have been prevented.

What more, always keep your house stuffed with some emergency supplies. If you are in an earthquake prone area, never forget to stack up your home with sufficient water storage plus non-perishable and dry food items which can be a great help in case the earthquake strikes. Lastly, always stay alert and informed about the news updates when you are in an earthquake prone zone.

Tips to choose a low ceiling fan

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low ceiling fan,decorToday technology has advanced in such a way that there is an answer to every problem. Gone are the days when people living in rooms with low ceilings had to live in the constant fear of hitting their ceiling fans with their hands every time they raised it above their shoulders.


Today of you are living in a house that has a ceiling height of eight feet or less than you have the option of choosing low ceiling fans. These fans are fitted to your ceiling without the rod through which usual fans hang. This in turn decreases the height of these fans and makes sure that everybody in the house is accident free. One criterion however when you are choosing a low ceiling fan for your room is to make sure that you do not compromise on the size of the blade and therefore get the same amount of air as you would have got from an usual fan.


Learn to refinish your limestone tile floor

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limestone tile floor,floor designIf you are looking for a natural feel under your feet, then limestone flooring is your best option. Although limestone is not available in a wide range of colors as its counterparts namely quartz and granite, it is preferred by many all over the world owing to its longevity, easy maintenance and historical origin.

Formed by the skeletons of decomposed marine creatures, if proper care is taken, limestone tiling will last you a lifetime. One must on a regular basis vacuum the floor and then mop it clean and let it dry naturally for about 12-24 hours. During this time, one must avoid walking over the limestone tiles.

In order to ensure this, one can start from a corner and then cover the rest of the room to avoid stepping on the clean surface. Also, choosing a proper sealer for your limestone tiles is very important. Whilst refinishing the flooring tiles, it is advisable to remove all portable furniture from the room to avoid any hindrance and ensuring a proper cleaning procedure.

Equipments you’ll require to build a storage shed

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storage shed building, storage shed building equipmentsBuilding a storage shed for you isn’t as hard as it sounds. With a few simple tips from us, you can easily have your own shed and use it for storage purposes, saving space and removing clutter from your house. You will need construction grade pine ship lapped boards. These are available at any hardware store or you can even buy them online. You can go ship lapped cedar if you find it difficult to get hold of pine.

The roof will need a minimum of 5 bundles of shingles made of asphalt. If you want to have cedar shingles, it’ll cost you a little more. Whatever material you use, make sure it is sturdy. Plan your area well before setting it up.

Make sure that electricity and accessibility isn’t a problem. Proximity from your house depends on your need. Have a rough sketch at hand all the time. Put in details as you work. Check for furnishing tips from magazines as you go ahead with your building.

Lightweight stone panels for your home

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Lightweight stone panels, stone panels for homeEngineers and Architects today erect the best of structures using advanced technologies. A combination of soft and hard natural stones like granite, marble and engineering quartz is used for constructing modern homes.

Lightweight stone panels deserve a special mention in citing construction materials today. These are made of a combination of marble, granite and limestone. Actually they can be prepared from any natural stone or artificially by making a lamination of best natural stones aluminum magnesium or aluminum honeycomb. These processed stone panels are more durable than natural stones and are extra light hence perfect for interiors.

Lightweight stone panels are not only impressive but also sound-proof, fire-proof, humidity proof and anti-decay. The benefits and importance for stone panels are thus immense in constructing homes. It comes with easy installation methods and if need be, they can be dismantled and used at other places too. These panels offer great variety in color, finish, style and texture.

Heating options for your home to combat the chilly winters

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home care, heating of home on winterDo you want to heat your home to stay at ease in the chilliest winter seasons? Well then check out the following ideas and know more about how to increase the heat of your home in a balanced way so that you don’t consume much energy and don’t harm your environment. Installing a heat pump in your house would be justified as it helps to keep a comfortable temperature in your house be it summer or winter.

In winter seasons the pump helps intake the cold breeze inside the home and gives it off outside home. This method is more effective than using only electric means to keep your room heated. Keeping a heater fan near or atop your gas oven or stove is another means by which you can spread warm wind in your home. Placing programmable thermostats in the room is also a natural method by which you can get positive results.

DIY glass etching techniques

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DIY tips, DIY glass etching techniquesGlass etching provides privacy as well as an elegant look to your office or home space.  Glass etching can be done by various methods like surface etching, carving or shading. Using etching cream is the easiest method of etching glass at home. All that you will need is some patterns, contact paper and carbon papers for tracing purpose, maybe some ideas of patterns from the web.

Thoroughly clean the glass you are intending to etch. Maintain your safety by wearing latex gloves and a full sleeve shirt while working. Save the pattern on a sheet with adhesive on the glass so that it does not move when applying the cream. Apply the cream generously over the pattern. Leave on for at least 15 minutes. Use running water to wash off the cream and you will have your etched glass.

You can also etch the glass randomly for abstract effect without using any pattern. It looks good even like that.